Writers Guide

Vittles & Nosh is looking for the stories behind great food and the roads we take to get there. If you have a story you’d like to share, we’re hungry to hear it.

Below are our guidelines for submissions.

In search of Great Stories about Food and travel

We believe every stop, hop, kitchen, brew pub, or gin joint has a great story.  It could be the origin story of a lifetime or the trials and tribulations of growing through a global pandemic, the food that shapes our lives and our meals has something to say. We want to share those stories.

If you are a writer with that story to tell, here’s how to share it.

The Writing We Want

Here at Vittles&Nosh, we want our content to entertain, encourage, and expose. Folks are searching every day for suggestions on where to eat, they want to know “what’s this place about” when passing by someplace interesting, and they are curious about stepping out of their comfort zone when it comes to something new. That’s why our stories and features are meant to be more than just a best-of or a listicle.

Our focus is on literary nonfiction

Think of it like magazine cover stories.  These long reads tell a story without having to deal with an inverted pyramid and five-paragraph rigors of news journalism.  While we will consider harder, newsier stories, we tend to skew towards the cover story.

We also like short pieces that feature a unique food or brew spot that stands out.  These short bites allow our readers to quickly get recommendations from our staff on places we loved during our travels, or for those searching for something new when on their own adventures.

Finally, we like to feature the knowledge of local experts, focusing on regions, cities, or locations that people are searching for.

We don’t stop there, we are always looking for a pitch that stands out. Something new, fresh, and timely. Do you have that pitch?

Submitting Your Pitch

Did that get the juices flowing?  Stomach growling because you’re so darn hungry to write your story?  Let’s do this.

Submit your pitch to submissions@vittlesandnosh.com and include the following information:

  • Your full name, e-mail address, personal website, and any social media handles you want us to feature.
  • In less than 100 words, give a quick summary of the story you are interested in sharing.
  • Explain to us briefly how you feel that the story will relate to our audience. What will the readers get from your story?
  • Include a timeline on when you can have the story completed.
  • Also provide a brief idea of the type of images, photos, or artwork you might be interested in showcasing, and if you intend to supply those assets with your submission.

Follow these simple bullets and your pitch is in. Content must be related to our site, and reflect what our readers are looking for.

That means take a look around while you’re here. See what we write and produce. A pitch on baby car seats for small cars won’t make it here, so be on topic. If you haven’t quite figured it out, we like food, we like drinks, and we like good beer. And we will travel far and wide to get there.

Patience and Payments

Now you submit the pitch and wait.

Regardless of our decision, we WILL get in touch with you, whether it is the next steps or advice on how to improve the pitch or a simple “thank you, and hope to see another pitch in the future”.

Payment comes after the pitch has been accepted, the story written and the final draft handed to our editorial team. Edits may be made, and questions asked, but the hard part is over.

Pay will scale as the blog increases in readership. Current rates are available by sending an e-mail to submissions@vittlesandnosh.com. We pay as close to market rates as possible and exceed them when able.

That’s it! Please feel free to send any questions our way for more clarification.

We can’t wait to hear the story you have to tell!