in search of The real cubano

By Eric Gibson

From Tampa to historic Ybor City, we were on the hunt for a real Cuban sandwich.  We found it.

Then we ate five. 

here are the five best cubans ranked

Columbia restaurant

The oldest restaurant in Florida, this legendary restaurant gets their bread from La Segunda Bakery, the OG in Cuban breadmaking.


flan factory

A cool spot in Ybor City with a solid Cubano, killer breakfast and... flan!


Arco iris

This hidden gem for authentic Cuban food had a crispy, flat Cuban with great flavor, but topped with lettuce and tomato.


Trendy spot with a killer patio had our second best Cuban.  Pressed flat with all the right flavors. 


Bread On The Bay

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Get the whole story on Tampa Cubans at the link below.   You'll be hungry.

It’s no surprise the bakery pumping out Cuban bread since 1915 has the best Cubano sandwich in Tampa.  With a perfect crunch and flavor, this is the real deal.  The authentic Cuban.


La Segunda