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Can Miami’s Nusr-Et Really Stand Up To The Hype?

Is a restaurant known for its over-the-top extravagance worth it? We pay the price to find out..
by Billy Watson | March 3, 2023

It’s amazing to see the progress and innovation we as a society have undertaken to keep in touch or express our creative side. We’ve come to a point where the Internet is the focal point of most communication and business transactions.

The Internet Age has given rise to social media platforms that dedicate themselves to connecting us to follow the daily going-ons of our favorite celebrities. 

We’ve come to a time within the continual advancement of social media when individuals use the platform as a branding tool to expand their products and even themselves.

I am sure this is not what Nusr-et Gökçe had even begun to dream of before his rise to Instagram stardom.

By now I’m sure you’re asking who in the world is he? 

The Rise of Salt Bae

Gökçe is a Turkish butcher, chef, and restauranteur who rose to prominence through his Instagram. And as luck would have it, in January 2017, one Instagram video of him seductively slicing and seasoning a tomahawk steak tableside at one of his Nusr-et Steakhouse locations in Turkey garnered him the nickname, Salt Bae. 

The post, and his Instagram page, grew at an astronomical rate becoming one of the most followed pages with well over 30 million followers. He saw that Instagram was the perfect medium to brand himself, and he used it to secure the backing of wealthy investors to grow his restaurant empire.

It wasn’t all silver linings and immediate success.

The choices are all tantalizing ranging from beef tenderloin to a wagyu rib cap to a golden tomahawk (more on that in the price breakdown at the end).  It was just as confusing as it was appetizing.  So, I do the one thing many first-time patrons at any place would do and I asked my server for his recommendations.  His response was lightning quick.  The perfect meal is the Ottoman steak with a side of wild mushrooms and an onion petal. 

How could I go wrong with such a quick and convincing recommendation?

In Anticipation Of The Ottoman Steak

More patrons began to arrive, in small droves at first but then robust groups shortly after.  I know my excitement was growing from that point but so was my appetite. 

Just when my anticipation reached its peak, the Ottoman steak arrived. 

Interior of Nusr-et with elegant chairs and lighting.
Nusr-et’s interior is warm and elegant. | Billy Watson

I was frozen in awe at not only its size but the perfect sear they managed to give the steak. The server, who is also your showman, will give you time to take a picture of the food before the show begins but they will also tell you exactly where your steak came from. My cut this particular evening was flown in from a small farm in Idaho the day prior that specializes in the domestication of cattle that receive the wagyu certification.  From there the show began, and what a show it is!!

The knife skills in slicing the steak are nothing short of perfect with each slice being equal in size.  What made things particularly interesting was the fact he was not looking at the steak at all!  In fact, he was staring at my mom the entire time and conversating with us.  That level of focus is astounding to say the least.

To end every steak show, the legendary Salt Bae salt sprinkle is executed in which a small handful of salt sprinkled from high above which kind of makes a mess of salt on the table but almost all of it reaches the steak. I have no complaints since it is part of the show itself, and while it is a little kitschy, it definitely makes a good topic of discussion while you enjoy your meal afterward.

Shortly after the steak arrived, the sides of mushrooms and onion petals were swiftly brought over by the maître d’hotel. He told us that if we needed anything at all, no matter what it is, to let him know personally and he would accommodate all of our requests.  Wow!

Exterior of Caffe Roma at night with neon light.
The Ottoman Steak from Nusr-et | Billy Watson

I was a little tempted to ask for a bag of cash sarcastically, but I refrained as I knew his intentions are purely for things in the restaurant. But that level of service and accommodation is very very rare these days and speaks to the true testament of Turkish hospitality.

And alas, the moment of truth, it was time to see if this meal is all the steak connoisseurs claim it to be. 

Is Nurset Worth The Hype?

Upon my first bite of the steak, I froze once again. 

Not because it was terrible, but quite the opposite.  The steak was so tender that it literally melted like butter.  The flavor profile was on a whole separate pantheon from steaks I have had in the past. 

The Ottoman steak is by far the best steak I have ever eaten, bar none. The only steak that comes even relatively close, but is still off by a broad margin, is the bone in ribeye from Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Las Vegas.

This Ottoman is for the steak lover, and rightfully so as there are no sauces brought to the table, nor can any be requested. The flavor and texture of the steak would have a grave injustice brought upon it by the addition of any sauce, thus making it unnecessary.  The addition of the salt was much welcomed, however, as it served to elevate the flavor that much more.  And before you reach for the knife, don’t fret! The Ottoman steak is so tender that should you need to do any additional slicing once the show is done, it cuts very easily with a fork alone. 

A server cuts a thick steak at Nusr-et
A flurry of activity as the server surgically slices the Ottoman | Billy Watson

That’s how you know you have reached the top of the meat tenderness plateau.

The sides also should garner a special mention. The wild mushrooms are delicately sautéed and seasoned and brought a complementary savory profile to an already robust steak, but these mushrooms might not be for everybody.  They are indeed very rich in flavor, so rich, in fact, when I tried to eat two at the same time, I could not.  Again, it is not to say they are terrible, I quite enjoyed them, but this level of flavor is of an acquired taste.

The onion petal on the other hand, besides being nearly 30% of the size of our table, was fantastic. Those familiar with the onion petals at chains like Texas Roadhouse or Outback Steakhouse should know what to expect, but Nusr-et kicks it up a notch with a house-made batter for the onion and a house-made dipping sauce. The onion petal alone could easily make a meal for the non-meat lover, and I found the crunchiness to be a welcome reprieve from the steak and mushrooms.  Needless to say, it will be my continued go-to side dish on subsequent visits.

How satisfied was I with the recommendations given to me by our server on my visit to Nusr-et?  I can honestly say that he nailed the perfect dinner. Not only was there more than plenty of food for two people, but the level of flavor and attention to detail was immaculate.

Which now begs the important question?  How much can one expect to spend to dine and experience the Nusr-et concept? 

Price Breakdown For The Hungry Among Us

You’ll need the following to eat at Nusr-et: a large wallet, checking account, or credit line, and a paper bag to help control your breathing. 

Nusr-et is unfortunately one of the most expensive restaurants in the Miami area. 

At my visit, I paid: $175 for the Ottoman steak, $20 each for the onion petal and mushrooms, $10 for a Diet Coke (yes I love my mom enough to spend $10 for a Diet Coke), and an 18% service charge was automatically added to the bill for the gratuity.  All things totaled, my dinner at Nusr-et Steakhouse chimed in at a hefty $280. 

Given the other selections on the menu, this was more on the frugal end as some steaks, specifically the Golden Tomahawk, cost over $1000.

Is it a recommended dining destination given its extremely heavy price tag? 


We are all on this Earth to live one life so why not take the time to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a significant other or your family? 

Although Nusr-et does not openly cater to vegetarians there are a couple of options available like seafood and salads so I am sure you can find a dish you will enjoy the most.  However, should you visit and see me, you know I’ll be digging into that delectable Ottoman.

Have you been to any Nusr-et location and experienced these life-altering steaks?  Sprinkle your comment below and let us know about your experience!  Or, do you think there is a better steak out there?  If so, contact us today and we’ll hear your case!  Should our curiosity be piqued, we’ll make the special trip and give our thoughts in a future feature.  Until then, stay safe and healthy!

This article was published during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of publishing, Nusr-et Steakhouse is open and serving patrons following Dade County and the City of Miami health protocols. Menu item availability may be modified, and full details regarding these can be found by calling the restaurant directly.  However, OpenTable is still your best way to reserve a table.

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