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From street food to Michelin stars, we’ve got you covered with the stories behind great food. But who are we exactly?

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In 2014 I created what I thought was the perfect mashup of my dream and my career. I was elbows deep into a Journalism degree and had a way to travel the globe so I thought to myself, “I’ll become the craft beer guy.”

So Brewhoppin was born. I dove deep into blogging and beer, but inevitably what I wrote most about was restaurants. I loved good food and there was a lot of it.

As the years wore on, my excitement for beer and food was enough to drag a few other writers with me. I assembled a team and grew. Brewhoppin was on again and off again like a jilted lover, eventually falling to the wayside when the pandemic hit.

Then it hit me. Split off the food stuff and start again. In 2022 my life was different. I had a child, a wonderful partner, and a new desire to uncover the stories I had left behind. So the crew reassembled and here we are, telling the stories behind great food and the roads we take to get there.

So. with a heartfelt thank you to all of you, whether just passing by or a rabid fan. Thank you for reading, for supporting us, and for cheering us on.

“Everyone has a great origin story. Our mission is to share that story with the world.”
Eric gibson
Eric Gibson drinking a beer in Redondo Beach
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