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Best Ribs In Foley? We Try Down South BBQ

Blink and you’ll miss it, down south barbeque is s a hidden gem of smoked meat goodness
by Eric Gibson | March 10, 2023

A short read on our long adventures.

In a dusty parking lot off a busy street in Foley, Alabama sits a shack.  Out back is a giant pile of hardwood and a dark little smoker huffs and puffs in the screened back porch.  On the side of the small building, painted from top to bottom, were giant pink pigs and the words “Down South BBQ” 

As a certified sucker for good barbeque, I was all in. 

The smell of smoked meats hit my nose the second the car crunched to a stop in the gravel parking lot.  There were no parking lines or designated parking, just a large lot and a bunch of gravel.  On the other side, a carport-turned-picnic area.  

The barbeque smoker in the screened in back porch.
The smoker sits on the porch out back, a giant woodpile feeds it. – Vittles&Nosh

No frills, no denim aprons, or hipster string lights.  Just a continuous flow of folks in and to-go boxes out.  

So we got in line. 

Barbeque orders are taken and delivered through the windows. – Vittles&Nosh

The menu was typical barbeque staples like ribs, brisket, pulled pork plates, or sandwiches with a side.  The sides were country staples with a few notable exceptions like the horseradish potato salad and the jalapeno cracklin cornbread. 

We went ahead and ordered way too much.  A plate of brisket, some ribs. A smoked turkey sandwich and as many sides as we could stomach, including the crackling cornbread.

Overall it was a great decision.  Portions were ample, healthy amounts of meat on both the plates and sandwich.  The sides were fine. 

The ribs were fantastic, a bright red smoke ring haloing the juicy meat.  They were “al dente”, not fall-off-the-bone but not tough.  They were naked and we regretted not getting all their sauces.  They didn’t need a sauce, but we dabble when it’s available.  

The jalapeno cornbread was also stellar.  Flat like a flapjack with hearty slices of pepper all through it.  

The Verdict – Good BBQ Or Keep Driving?

Come here and come hungry.  Plates offer a lot of food for the price but there are smaller options worth digging into like brisket tacos or a loaded potato topped with pulled pork.  

The turkey sandwich wasn’t for us, but they do have more exciting options like a rib sandwich or the S.O.B., which we regret not getting after passing it by on the menu. 

Our biggest regret?  Skipping out on the jumbo smoked wings.  Never, ever skip out on smoked wings.  

Down South Barbeque is open Wednesday – Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and closes at 4 pm on Saturdays. Parking is free and there is picnic table seating on site. Order your barbeque and have a beach picnic at nearby Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.

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